Volunteers deliver a five-day or seven-day supply of frozen meals to clients’ homes with the option to receive our tasty additional food items.

Several main meals are delivered at once so clients can choose the meal they want to eat each day and eat when they’re hungry.

The frozen main meals are specially designed to meet seniors’ nutritional requirements and provide protein, fruit, vegetables, starches/grains and milk. They are stored in the refrigerator and freezer and are easily heated in a microwave oven.

Our menus were developed according to Dietary Guidelines for Americans to meet the nutritional needs of seniors. A registered dietitian develops all menus and menu cycles.

Meals are designed for diabetic, hypertensive and cardiac-restricted diets.

Sample Frozen Main Meals Menu

Week One

Day 1

Beef Patty with Herbed Mushroom Gravy

garlic mashed potatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, green bean medley, whole grain bread, unsalted margarine, orange pineapple juice, milk

Day 2

Arroz con Pollo – Baked Chicken with Fiesta Rice

brown rice, pinto beans, tomatoes and peppers, Mexicali corn, rye bread, unsalted margarine, pineapple juice, milk

Day 3

Sliced Turkey, Cornbread Dressing, and Turkey Gravy

butternut squash, flat beans, whole grain bread, unsalted margarine, milk

Day 4

Three Cheese Macaroni

seasoned carrots, green peas, white bread, unsalted margarine, grape  juice, milk

Day 5

Three Bean Chili con Carne – Three Bean Chili with Beef

tomatoes, brown rice, yellow corn, crackers, oatmeal raisin cookie, milk


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