SB 1383 Pilot Grant Awarded to MOWSV

SB 1383 Pilot Grant Awarded to MOWSV

Monterey Regional Waste Management District (MRWMD) and Salinas Valley Recycles (SVR), in collaboration with Blue Strike Environmental, were pleased to inform us that Meals on Wheels of the Salinas Valley was selected to receive funding for the FY 21/22 SB1383 Edible Food Recovery Pilot Grant Program. After careful review, MOWSV was awarded a $20,000 grant! Checks were presented at two separate meetings held on consecutive days to award MOWSV and four additional organizations $20,000 grants for a total awarded of $100,000.


The State of California has passed legislation, known as Senate Bill 1383, California’s Short-Lived Climate Pollutants regulation. The regulation will have a significant impact on local agencies as well as food rescue organizations, with the goal of reducing organic material being landfilled by 75% by 2025, compared to a 2014 basis. The legislation mandates that agencies undertake certain activities around the handling of organic waste materials collected within their jurisdictions. The regulation also requires 20% recovery of edible food by 2025 to direct it to a beneficial use and thus prevent it from entering the waste stream. Food rescue organizations will play an important role, especially in helping our region to achieve the edible food recovery goal. Regulations took effect, and local program implementation began, on January 1, 2022.


On behalf of the Edible Food Recovery Pilot Grant Program Team, the committee was confident that MOWSV will make excellent use of the awarded funding. 


Photo on top - grant ceremony at Salinas Valley Recycles (SVR) and photo below - grant ceremony at Monterey Regional Waste Management District (MRWMD). Laurie Bend, Outreach Director, accepted the grant on behalf of Meals on Wheels of the Salinas Valley.


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